Social Media

Use of the Putteridge Swimming Club Twitter account will be limited to club officials and its use will be governed by the following guidelines. These guidelines have been created using the ASA Wavepower “ Good Practice Guidelines on the use of Social Networking Sites by ASA Clubs and Club Members” document dated September 2012 which can be found here.

1. PSC members in a position of trust and/or responsibility should not be in contact with young people through social networking sites if they hold such a position in respect of that individual young person.

2. Should a young person from PSC request to become a named friend on our social networking site or request that PSC become a named friend on the young persons social networking site that request will be denied. The PSC Twitter account will not follow any individual PSC swimmers or swimmers from other clubs. GB Team Members and other International swimmers may be followed.

3. The social network site should never be used as a medium by which to abuse or criticise ASA members or ASA clubs and to do so may be in breach of ASA Rules and Regulations.

4. If Tweeting about the achievements of a ‘Dual Club’ swimmer, credit to the other Club’s coaching staff must be given within the Tweet.

5. The publishing of a photograph or video footage on a social networking site is governed by the same requirements as those contained in the ASA Photography Policy.