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Christmas Timetable 2018

Hi All
Lea Manor have just let us know yesterday we can have pooltime during the day there. Attached is Christmas timetable now involving majority of squads and where and when they will be able to train.

For the purpose of this timetable, I have also attached the Squads.

Please, if you haven’t already, let the email address know if you are training as we will have maximum numbers per lane in place and we are only accounting for those who reply.

Thanks so much

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Happy Christmas to all our Members, Volunteers, Families and Supporters

Merry Christmas

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would touch base with you all before the festivities begin, last few training sessions before we have 3 days off, which I know we are all looking forward to.

Firstly, click on the training schedule below if you need it for reference again. This is also on our Facebook page. The Squad list is on the website (members area for your reference also). You can train whenever you like and there are double sessions on to keep fitness levels up so we dont lose too much when Counties are end of Jan. Tri can also train when Masters train.

Secondly, Our Presentation Evening on January 13th at Venue 360. We have a maximum 260 seats, we only have approx 80 tickets left...

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Christmas Schedule

Christmas schedule

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