Codes of Conduct

Privacy Notice – Swim Meets

References to we, our or us in this privacy notice are to Putteridge Swimming Club. Responsibility for compliance with data protection for our swim meets lies with the gala promoter, who can be contacted via

This notice applies to you if you are supplying personal data to us in relation to a swim meet run by us, notably as (but not limited to) a competitor, as an official or as a coach/team manager requiring a poolside pass. This notice explains how we comply with the law on data protection and what your rights are. For the purposes of data protection, Putteridge Swimming Club is the data controller in respect of the personal data we gather and process about you in relation to a swim meet. Personal data may be processed prior to, during, or after a meet.


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ASA Photography Guidance

ASA Photography Guidance

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Putteridge Swimming Club uses and protects any information that you give us when you use our website and online Club Management System (Active Works). Putteridge Swimming Club is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using our website or Active Works, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. Active work’s privacy policy can be viewed here.

Putteridge Swimming Club may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 1st May 2018.

What we collect


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Medical Information Form – Adults

Please download the Medical Information Form for Adults here.

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Child Safeguarding Policy Statement

Putteridge Swimming Club (PSC) is committed to providing an environment in which all children and young people participating in its activities have a safe and positive experience.
In order to achieve this, PSC agrees to:
1. Adopt and implement the policies and procedures in Wavepower in full.
2. Recognise that all children participating in the club (regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability) have a right to enjoy their involvement in aquatics in a safe environment and be protected from harm.
3. Ensure that all individuals who work with children in the club, whether paid or voluntary, provide a positive, safe and enjoyable experience for children.

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The new ASA Code of Ethics

As part of achieving its NSPCC Advanced Standard in Child Safeguarding, the ASA has released an updated Code of Ethics. Read on to learn more.

As part of achieving the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit Advanced Standard in Child Safeguarding, the ASA has released a revised and shortened Code of Ethics. The new general Code is for:

Swimmers, Parents, Coaches and Teachers, and Committee members, officials and volunteers who work directly with children.

Code of Ethics

Terms of Reference

The content of this Code of Ethics applies to all those involved within the sport of Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water Swimming and Synchronised Swimming...

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Social Media

Putteridge Swimming Club Social Media Guidelines

Use of the Putteridge Swimming Club Twitter account will be limited to club officials and its use will be governed by the following guidelines. These guidelines have been created using the ASA Wavepower “ Good Practice Guidelines on the use of Social Networking Sites by ASA Clubs and Club Members” document dated September 2012 which can be found here.

1. PSC members in a position of trust and/or responsibility should not be in contact with young people through social networking sites if they hold such a position in respect of that individual young person.


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Discipline, Disputes and Complaints Policy

This page explains the definition of each role as described in the Code of Conduct and Discipline, Disputes and Complaints policy. This is to minimise the number of references to roles and for ease of reading. A person may have many roles in that they may be a Coach, a Committee member and undertake officiating at competitions and / or a Parent of a Swimmer.

Role Definitions:
Swimmer (Person who is to undertake swimming under the responsibility of PSC).
Swimmer’s carer (Parent, Guardian, Carer or Person responsible for the Swimmer whilst present at training or in competition at home or away).
Coach (all Coaching staff or Persons performing agreed PSC coaching duties at the time).
Committee (Persons with a role on the committee such as Chairperson, Secretary, Welfare Officer, Treasurer, m...

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Committee, Officials and Volunteers Code of Conduct

All Committee members, Officials and Volunteers must:

  1. At all times, adhere to Swim England’s Code of Ethics, Rules and Laws.
  2. At all times, adhere to Wavepower.
  3. At all times, adhere to Swim England’s Equality and Diversity Policy.
  4. Adhere fully to the role and job description as outlined by the Club and never use that role to gain favour for yourself or any individual member.
  5. Consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  6. Treat all members with respect and dignity, value their worth and treat everyone equally, recognising their varying needs and abilities within the context of the sport.
  7. Encourage and guide members to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  8. Continue to seek and maintain your own development in line with your role and complete a c...
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Parent’s Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents, 

Putteridge Swimming Club Parents. Guardians and Carers of Swimmers are expected to:

  1. I will complete and return the Medical Information Form as requested by PSC and provide details of any health conditions/concerns relevant to my child on the consent form. I will report any changes in the state of my child’s health to the coach prior to training sessions or events. I will ensure that the organisation has up-to-date contact details for me and for any alternative person(s) as required.
  2. I will deliver and collect my child punctually to and from training sessions/events. I will inform a member of the committee or coaching staff if there is an unavoidable problem...
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Coaches and Teachers – Code of Conduct

  1. Put the wellbeing, health and safety of members above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
  2. At all times, adhere to the Swim England’s codes of Ethics, Rules and Laws.
  3. At all times, adhere to Wavepower.
  4. At all times, adhere to the Swim England Equality and Diversity Policy.
  5. Consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  6. Treat all members with respect and dignity, value their worth and treat everyone equally, recognising their varying needs and abilities within the context of the sport.
  7. Develop an appropriate working relationship with members based on mutual trust and respect.
  8. Always ensure that all teaching, coaching and competition programmes are appropriate for the age, ability and experience of the individual member.
  9. Always identify and...
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Member’s Code of Conduct

  1. I will treat all members of, and persons associated with, the ASA with due dignity and respect.
  2. I will treat everyone equally and never discriminate against another person associated with the ASA on any grounds including that of age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin or nationality.
  3. I understand that the use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the disciplinary or child welfare policies.
  4. I will display a high standard of behaviour at all times.
  5. I will always report any poor behaviour by others to an appropriate officer or member of staff.
  6. I will recognise and celebrate the good performance and success of fellow club and team members.
  7. I will respect the privacy of...
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PSC Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Agreement

Everyone associated with the Club from the Swimmers, Coaches, Officials and the Committee hope that all participants enjoy their time whilst a Member of Putteridge Swimming Club.  To help towards achieving our aim the Club requires all Members and Parents to sign up to and follow our code of conduct.  All members sign up to the Code of Conduct when completing membership.

The code of conduct covers four areas, first looking at the general conduct that applies to all members, then specific Codes of Conduct applicable to the role or task.

Where references are made to ASA material in the Code of Conduct, it also covers material as published by other sporting governing bodies to which Putteridge Swimming club is affiliated to, example British Triathlon & Pentathlon.

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