Elsa Crick

Development Squad and Performance 2

Elsa is an extremely experienced level 2 teacher. She has an excellent technical ability and always achieves great improvements with our swimmers and has a huge amount of patience.  She started off as a parent watching her children swim endless hours for their club. A notice appeared on the clubs notice board asking for volunteers to shadow coaches on poolside as they were due to lose some of their regular coaches to new demanding jobs and Uni.

Elsa went to her first session with an open mind and that was it, she was hooked! She is now a qualified level 2 swim teacher, more of a teacher than a coach, which is essential to bringing the correct technique into young swimmers!  She is enthusiastic for the technical and competitive side of swimming and belie...

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Jonathan Hoggett

Jon is a valuable addition to the tri coaching team, with experience in coaching from his work with Greenlight Triathlon, and his own success in the sport.

Jon has competed numerous times for the GB Age group team, most recently claiming silver in the European duathlon championships in Germany in 2016.

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Donna Ptolomey

After helping poolside for a year, I decided to do my level 1 coaches qualification.  It is great to have more of an understanding and to help the swimmers improve their technique.

Watching all the children grow with the ever growing swimming club is an amazing thing to be part of.

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Stimpy (Steve) Matthews

Stimpy has two children currently swimming for the club. He chose to help out on poolside after hours of watching his daughter train to gain more knowledge of the sport.

Stimpy is a poolside helper and enjoys encouraging the children in the pool and watching their progress.

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Jordan Batson

Swimming has always been a big part of Jordan’s life having started from a very young age.

He is still competing in the Putteridge Senior’s squad competing in the County and Regional Champs this year.  With his background and experience in competitive swimming, Jordan is able to offer our swimmers guidance in key aspects of technique improvement and race competition preparation.

Jordan is an ASA level 1 Coach.  An aspiring Engineer, Jordan’s enjoyment in coaching comes from seeing the improvement in swimmers as a result of the in- depth analysis and improvement he can offer in swim tehcnique.

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Lewis King

SwimStars, Piranha Squads & Land Training

Lesley has known Lewis for many years from his time when he was training at the then Luton Swimming Club. He has trained at the very top and managed to qualify for 6 National Championships whilst training at Hatfield SC. Again a vast array of experience to pass on to our swimmers. He is used to working with children and is currently a swimming teacher and a TA in a school. He left the world of Competitive swimming during his University years but returned to swimming last year and is also coached by Lesley 4 times a week. He is back competing again in Masters where he achieved a silver medal at the National Masters Championships 2016 and Masters County and East Region Records.

Lewis has a great sense of humour and also swim teaches at Houghton Regi...

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Aaron Hird

Level 2 teacher
Lealands Lead coach Superstars Squad

Aaron works as a level 2 swimming teacher where he enjoys passing on his knowledge to help
children excel.

“I have been at putteridge for 1 year and half and I have been competitive swimming since I
was 9 and I have been a para swimmer since 2013 where i made my first nationals and
won a bronze medal. In the same year I made it to the Sainsburys school games where I
won 2 bronze medals and one gold medal. The next major competition I made was the
worldpara series in 2017 where i travels to copenhagen and Berlin.”

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Clive Pritchard

ASA Level 2 Coach, Asa Level 1Teacher , BTF Level 1 Tri Coach

Clive has been involved in swimming for 8+ years as a parent helping his elder daughter Vicky through her swimming career from rookie to Counties to Regionals, Zonals, Nationals and Junior International selection. Clive has been coaching Junior Tri also during this time and is a Level 1 (BTF) qualified coach. He is also qualified as an ASA level 2 Coach and ASA level1 Teacher.

Clive swam in his youth and got into swimming coaching through Tri Force Juniors, helping Vicky to improve her swim. For the past few years his children have been focussed on swimming, which has shifted his focus to the pool. Clive has always enjoyed coaching and is a firm believer in coaching great technique, hard work and a positive attitude being th...

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Clare Grundy

Clare is another coach with a pedigree background in swimming, having been Hampshire County champion across multiple events as well as being part of the Welsh National squad up to the age of 20.

Clare was also Welsh National champion for the 200m fly whilst medalling in others.

She continues to swim at a high standard in the Putteridge Masters squad and is still winning medals!

Clare is an ASA level 2 Coach.

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Catherine Pound

As a child growing up in South Africa I swam competitively with my club and for my Province. My love of swimming led me to become a ‘Swim South Africa’ swimming teacher and I taught children from ages 3 to 7 in the learn to swim stages.

I also spent time with older children working on stroke correction. I left swimming behind when I moved to England until my eldest daughter gravitated to water like both her parents and after working well through her ASA levels she joined Putteridge Swimming Club.

 I started helping out poolside with the club and have recently completed an Assistant Swimming Coach course so that I can continue to enjoy helping children reach their swimming potential.

Watching the children grow in their confidence and swimming ability is hugely rewarding and I l...

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Will Lohrey

Will Lohrey, PSC Swimming Coach

Level 2 Coach

I have more than 30 years’ experience in swimming teaching and coaching which began, like many people, when my daughter started to swim competitively.

Starting as a swimming teacher and then becoming a coach, I have been involved with Hitchin, Luton, Leighton Buzzard and most recently Potters Bar swimming clubs over the years.  In this time I’ve had various roles from Head Coach, Development Coach and volunteer coach and each one has taught me something new and developed my love of swimming and coaching.

Life has come full circle with my coming to Putteridge SC as my granddaughter is now training with the Club and is just beginning her lifelong love of swimming.

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Jay O’Brien

Jay Obrien PSC Swim coach

Jay used to swim for PSC when it was at Putteridge Road in the mid to late 80’s and has always had an interest in swimming.  He is an aircraft engineer by trade and in the last 10 years, has specialised in working in apprenticeship training roles.

Jay really enjoys the passing over of knowledge and experience that he’s learnt onto others. There are no secrets in his training world and if he has some knowledge or skills that someone can benefit and develop from, then why not let them know about it, he says

Jay has done a Level 1 assistant swimming teacher course and will soon be a qualified Level 2 swimming teacher.  His daughter also trains 3 times a week which means Monday and Friday can be awkward as he gets involved with her coaching – so it’s Coach not Daddy!

Jay loves the simpl...

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