Fantastic Covid-19 Response

PSC Online coaching duding Covid-19 epidemic

A massive thank you to everyone at PSC for responding YES in support of our proposals to deliver online coaching and support during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Your amazing support will not only help to stay afloat financially during the crisis but moreover, will enable us to stay connected, engaged and able to help you in anyway we can as we all navigate our way through these challenging and unprecedented times.

I am delighted to report that Lesley and Lawrence have already started to deliver our amazing online service and it is a credit to both of them, our Committee and our Management Team, that we were able to respond so quickly and effectively.

We are using Team App as the communication platform for our Masters, Coaches and Swimmers. We have also focussed on wellbeing so, if any of you need help, we can signpost you. We have 4 welfare officers and 4 mental wellbeing first aiders working online.

We have set up Google Classrooms and have 4 classes of mainstream swimmers ranging from 6-18yrs. 4 schedules have been set up for each group. Within this platform we are setting tasks, assignments and activities – trying to get a little bit of routine back into the lives of our Putteridge family. We have upgraded Zoom for live sessions and hope to be using this platform with Masters twice weekly, coaches once weekly and swimmers 2 to 4 times weekly.

Please be patient during this early role-out phase as I am sure we might have a few little glitches as the team takes on a brand new steep learning curve.

As always, our first priority is the health and wellbeing of all our members and I am sure that, with the loyalty, support and compassion already shown by all of you, we will come through this crisis bigger, better and stronger than ever.

Enjoy the online programme!

My very best wishes to you all and stay safe.

Chris Long
Putteridge Swimming Club