Junior League – Well Done Little Putts!

The Junior League Competition is spread over 3 rounds in June, July, and September. It is an excellent team building activity where our swimmers learn to race hard for each other and our club, rather than worrying about PB’s and qualification times.

On Saturday 14th September our little Putts headed to Maidenhead for the 3rd round of Junior league – the final gala and opportunity for PSC to gain promotion!

We had tough competition from the other teams, some races being won on the touch!

Thanks to all our swimmers for being such great ambassadors for Putteridge Swimming Club and demonstrating such great team spirit.

PSC were promoted to the next league for the second year running, demonstrating the skills and behaviuor we ask of our swimmers through all three rounds.

Kian Ptomlomey and Eleanor McLeod collected our trophy.

Congratulations little Putts!!!

Kian Ptomlomey and Eleanor McLeod collecting our trophy