Congratulations to all from Club Champs Round 1

Hi All,

I just wanted to congratulate you all on Club Champs swims on Saturday night. So great to see so many taking part (107 swimmers), in particular our youngest swimmers and our masters!!!! Family affair!!! So much progression from the youngsters. Well done everyone!! It was a pleasure to sit and watch everyone all in one place. Thank you to all those who organised, Dean, Dan, Darren, Phil and Susan in the technical suite, Emma and James for organising the officials and volunteers and to all the parents who volunteered on the night and as ever, to all our Teachers and Coaches.

Club Champs is organised so that our swimmers learn how to race initially and then also how to tweak their races as they get older. To try new things. It is an environment where we like them to unfortunately get DQ’d so that when they race in Open Meets they don’t make the same mistake again, it is all part of the learning process.

Although its great the simmers like to get a medal, for me its about the skill levels learnt early and the processes put in place and that the swimmers learn from these processes to allow them to achieve what they want to achieve, that they become accountable and responsible, to put what they training into practice in a racing environment.

Those swimmers that were DQ’d for technical infringement, Dean will give me the DQ report Cards so that we can explain to the swimmers why they were DQ’d.

Hope you are looking forward to Round 2, June 22nd

Thanks again and well done