Mother and daughter join Ross Edgley for last mile

PSC’s mother and daughter team Carina and Georgina Quayle joined Ross Edgley for the last mile of his 155 day swim around mainland Britain.

“It was brilliant. Georgina and I registered at 6:30 am briefing at 7:20 am and then straight into the freezing cold water. We swam out about 750 m, with about 300 others, waited at the buoy until Ross swam in towards us, we gave him a big cheer and then we were all swimming in together until 200 m from the end where we were treading water while he swam the last 200m by himself so the media could photograph and interview him. The sun was shining as we swam in, the tide was coming in and it was so brilliant. It was great to be part of history in the making”

A huge congratulations to Carina and Georgina for their part in Ross’s huge and historic achievement.

Well done form all at PSC!