Negative Effects of Snapchat for Teens

Dear members

The use of social media/snap chat poses us with many issues in society, something our club is not immune from. Over recent months we have tightened our control of social media posts with Facebook controls and other policies. However snap chat is a form of communication that is harder to police as a parent let alone a club such as ours.

Of late I am sorry to say that Welfare have received a number of complaints due to social media and snap chat. Can we ask that as a parent you learn more about snap chat, for example posts will disappear from view after a period of time. As with any social media activity there is no tone and situations can escalate quickly  and before you know it Welfare are embroiled in investigation and action when necessary.

The reason I ask is that we have recently had another complaint and as you can imagine it is distressing for all parties involved, in particular those who have been the focal point of the post in the first place.

If you have any questions please ask Welfare.


Ian and Carol