Land Training Notification

Currently the club has been subsidizing land training. Up until now the cost of land training has been £12 per month with swimmers attending any number of sessions they wish (which has been very encouraging and results transferring). Since this time we have continued to add more and more sessions at no extra cost to members. However now we need to expand even more and also restrict the number of sessions for some who are doing 3/4 sessions per week.

We have now added a further hour to a Friday for those who are beginners. I have put together a session allocation for everyone taking in to account ability, development and progression. Some of those that have being doing land for a number of years now and are competent, we have restricted to 2 sessions as they now have enough knowledge and need to be responsible to do this at home using their log books as reference.

The start date for the new Friday session 7-8 pm will be the 1st June.

The new cost for land training will be £15, with Dean Brown contacting you all with information as to how payment will change on the system.

The land sessions are as follows
Tuesday Lealands Piranhas, Development Squads and Beginners
Tuesday Lea Manor 6-7 Performance Gold, Silver and Junior Gold
Tuesday Lea Manor 7-8 Development Gold Junior Performance, Bronze and Silver
Friday 6-7 Lea Manor Junior Performance, Development Gold, Bronze, Silver
Friday 7-8 Lea Manor- New Session Piranhas, Development Silver, Development Gold
Saturday 2.45-3.45 Lea Manor Piranhas, Development Silver and Development Gold.
Sunday 6-7 Development Gold, Junior Performance, Bronze, Silver, Junior Gold, Gold and Senior Performance.( This will be the next addition in the near future)

Please also remember that the sessions are programmed appropriately and according to ability and knowledge. We have fixed sessions and we now have to adhere to the squads and their allocation as the abilities are now too diverse. So please just attend the sessions you have been allocated.

Please email me if you have any issues,

Download Land Training Allocation HERE