Rules for Swimmers at Lealands

For those of who you who have sessions at Lealands please read the following rules for swim and land training there. The Rules and consequences for swimmers at Lealands are as follows:


  1. Respect your coaches and fellow swimmers.
  2. Listen to your coach when they are talking to you.
  3. Don’t misbehave in or around poolside.
  4. Follow clubs code of conduct (which you should have read with parents).
  5. Do not distract other swimmers.
  6. Keep hands to yourself.
  7. Do not use inappropriate language.
  8. Don’t go under the water and do handstands unless told to do so as this is dangerous

Please note that rules also apply in Land Training

If any of the above rules are broken there will be the following consequences:

  1. You will receive a verbal warning
  2. You will be asked to get out the pool (or stand to the side if you are land training) and the you will be spoken to away from other swimmers.
  3. If behaviour continues you will be asked to get changed and sit on poolside (parents will be informed).
  4. If you are still misbehaving matters will be taken further with club officials.

Download Rules here.