Important information for this weekend and weather

As of this evening hopefully I will be enroute to Stansted Airport as it is my daughters hen weekend. Over the course of the last month, we have co-ordinated Coaching cover for all sessions from tomorrow till Tuesday as well as poolside support for the Watford Open – thank you to all involved.

However, the weather will now also come into play and we need you support and please be aware of all communication avenues. Emails will be sent out via Activeworks, there will also be notifications on our Facebook page and via twitter so if you could please make sure you keep your eye out.

Firstly, Training

As I said all sessions have been adequately covered this means that we need to have a level 2 qualified Teacher/Coach to run the session for Swim England Insurance purposes. Our Coaches this weekend will travel from all over Herts and Beds. As you have seen the effect of the snow is different all of. Currently Luton is not that bad, however, St Albans and Leighton Buzzard are.

What this means is, if our level 2 cannot get to the session, the session will not be able to run. We also need to make sure we have adequate coach to swimmer ratio. With a level 2 present they are allowed to Coach 20 swimmers and each level 1 10 swimmers. Poolside helpers 0. Therefore, there may be short notice cancellation of session due to the weather conditions so please bear with us.


Dean and Gavin

Friday Coaches are:

Land- Kelly

1st session- Adele, Miriam (Level 2), Nicola, Emma N-B and Andy

2nd Session- Maria, Kelly, Emma, Nicola, Andy (Miriam)

Saturday am Inspire

Elsa (level 2) Clive (level 2) Carina (level 2) Graeme and Gavin form in the pool

Saturday Lea Manor

Land- Miriam

Miriam (level 2) Adele, Nicola, Donna,  Ed

Sunday Inspire

Land Miriam/Gavin/Adele

Miriam (level 2), Gavin, Stimpy, Nick, Adele, Ed, Jon and Graeme

Monday Inspire

1hour session 6-7 Nicola, Donna, Emma Mc, Jay

6-7.30 Adele and Clive Pritchard (level 2)

7.30-9pm Dean and Clive (both level 2)

8-9 Graeme (Level 2 Tri)

Secondly, Watford Open Meet:

We will be in contact with Watford tomorrow in regards to their Weather policy. If the weather is still bad and you wish to withdraw you swimmer, please could you notify the poolside staff as soon as you know. This is not only to help poolside cover but also so they can be withdrawn in time so the event can be run efficiently with no empty lanes. Again, as above, this will also rely on adequate poolside support as well as officials. Good luck to all swimmers and hoping the meet goes ahead.

Watford Contact numbers for that day only are:

Saturday – 07886 675 095

Sunday –  07794 521 488

I hope you all remain safe at the end of the day you may see me you may not on the current travel status. Unfortunately Aaron was due to fly to Copenhagen for Para World Series but his flight was cancelled today.


If you have any questions, please reply to: