GB Bronzes for Matthew Haden

Congratulations to PSC Swimmer Matt Haden for achieving GB Bronzes at the European biathle and triathle Championships in Portugal. Matt trains and competes in the elements for Penthalon, hence Biathle and Triathle.

“I was fortunate enough to qualify to and go to the European biathle and triathle Championships held in Setubal Portugal (just outside Lisbon). The competition lasted 3 days with the triathle on the Friday and finishing off with the biathle on Sunday. The triathle comprises of swimming ,shooting and running and all four laps complete a total of a 3200 m Run, 200 m open water sea swim and 20 targets. In this competition I placed 3rd out of 12 behind another GB team mate and a Ukrainian who narrowly beat me to 2nd by overtaking me on my last shoot. In the biathle (a continuous 1600m run, 200m sea swim and a final 1600 m run). Yet again I placed 3rd out of 17 athletes (up from 10th position last year). This time I was beaten by the same GB team mate who was also be eaten by a Portuguese athlete. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience, motivating me to achieve more in the years to come.”