World Para Series Berlin 2017

We flew to Berlin on the 5th July for the last leg of the World Para Series Event. We were collected by car at the airport and taken to our hotel in the centre of Berlin, the technical meeting was held at 6.30pm, but we couldn’t find the pool.

The event started the following day with warm up at 7.00am. The event was the biggest by far of the series there were so many swimmers in the warm up pool, it was incredible. Aaron was very focused and knew what he needed to do. He was in the 5th event of the day, heat 15,lane 1.

Spot the pool!!!

Some swimmers took over 8 minutes to achieve 100 meters.

You could hear all the cheering in different languages and clapping it was fabulous, you could also tell when the heats were getting quicker because of the water rushing down pool side.

100 breaststroke; Aaron’s start was amazing and his underwater work was really good, (all what the coaching team has been working on) Aaron’s stroke looked smooth and long and he looked comfortable at the turn, and powered his way through on the final 50 to take 6th place, beating his time in Sheffield in April, he was really happy with his swim and he felt it went well and to top it off he was the highest placed British swimmer.

On Friday we had a day off from competing with a bit of exploring, in the beautiful city of Berlin.

On Saturday it was back to business in the pool for the 50 breaststroke it was still really busy.

Aaron was looking forward to this race and did his warm up in the pool upstairs, he was in heat 10 lane 9. It was a great swim from start to finish with Aaron winning the heat. It was an amazing experience and it was so nice to see all the hard work start coming together.

I really enjoyed the experience of being able to compete at the world series as I got to see different countries and compete against different people, who shown me that no matter what obstacle lay in your way, you will always be able to find a way around it as long as you have the determination and commitment needed to achieve your goals.

Joanne Hird