Changes to Club Championship dates for 2017 and exciting news about Junior League!

It has been a busy time behind the scenes organising the competitions calendar for 2017 with a major new addition to the calendar this year!

Following on from our successes in the Arena League last year we are now entering the Milton Keynes Junior League this summer. For those that don’t know about this league, it is for 12 and under swimmers and is a similar format to Arena League, where you compete in a number of individual races and relays for your club. It is a great development opportunity for our younger swimmers and those that are picked will have the honour of representing Putteridge at a team event.

We have had some challenges organising Club Championships for 2017 and unfortunately we have had to cancel the gala set for the 6th May due to an error made by the bookings team at Westminster lodge pool. We apologise for this but it was out of our control. We also found out quite late that we had been entered into the Junior league and this has meant we have had to cancel gala 2 set for 3rd June as the first junior league falls on this date!

The new Club Championship dates are as follows:

Saturday 16th September 2017 – St.Albans, Westminster lodge pool

Saturday 7th October 2017 – St. Albans, Westminster lodge pool

Saturday 2nd December 2017 – St. Albans, Westminster lodge pool

We will be running a minimum of 4 events at each gala. Full details to follow …

Dean Brown
Competitions Secretary

See full Calendar here