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Junior League – Round 2

Saturday 1st July at 5:00pm

Round 2 of the Junior League takes place at Milton Keynes.

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Arena League

Hi all,

Huge congratulations to everyone involved with our debut in Arena League. Its been a long time in the making, when I joined PSC I withdrew from all Team competitions in order to re-build a strong Team to enter this type of event. It took 3 years, but was worth it. To finish 5th in the London Division is an amazing feat.

Thank you so much to Debbie Millar for dealing with all the behind the scenes logistics over the last 3 months, this was a big task, very time consuming as well as daunting having to get so many details right with registration and Team Submissions ech time. Thank you also to John Nabarro, Nick Corran and Chris Haden for officiating each round. And to our poolside Team, Debbie, Carol, Gavin, Dean, Graeme and Rob for supporting swimmers.

Finally, you as Parents and Su...

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Second round of Arena League

A huge well done to everyone in the second round of Arena at Borehamwood. Was a great evening and standard was as high as ever and very very close at the end, to finish 2nd by 3 points, amazing.  Thank you to all the ‘Supporters Club’ (very amusing!!!!) and to those parents who officiated.
Due to the great performances and points accrued, we have made it into the Promotional Gala- Round 3 which is a great achievement. It will be VERY close. The top 2 Teams will be promoted to Division 1 from this Gala so all to play for. Should be very exciting. The Team will remain the same unless there are any issues which I hope not. It is again at Borehamwood on Saturday 10th December, arrive The Venue- same place by 5.40pm.
As it was held at Borehamwood, we knew it meant our swimmers would be divin...
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National Arena League Gala 2

Gala #2 of the National Arena League will take place at Borehamwood on Saturday 12th November 2016.

See the results here after round one. Putteridge SC lying in third with 232 points!

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