New Timetable

Please don’t forget that the New Timetable takes effect from today (01/09/2017). All Squads with their new times train Dive Pit, please ensure you are there to perform you pre-pool and in the pool on time as per previous correspondence. Could I have as many Coaches poolside as possible please as well as a member of welfare in case of any issues. I cannot be there as I have to work. AL confirmed yesterday that all is in place, as you know I do not take that for granted. Lawrence will have the pool plan in case of any issues, and I will be there as soon as I can.

Tuesday Lealands
On Friday I received an email from the Lealands facility manager to inform us the working being done over the Summer IS NOT COMPLETED. They are just tweaking and finishing off apparently will be ready for the 12th September. Due to the implementation of the Clubs new Schedule those training at Lealands cannot train at Lea Manor Tuesday as their squads do not train there. So, Tuesday Lealands Session is cancelled, I hope you can understand this is completely out of PSC’s control. What I would like to do, and the only thing I can physically is to invite those swimmers to train at Lea Manor on Friday or Saturday as their replacement session, we as do Lealands apologise for the inconvenience, if you would like to train the alternative session please do let me know.

Please be advised of the change now with the timings to Lea Manor sessions on Tuesday and the lane changes. 6.15 START time. Due to the implementation of this change in time and session as a whole and the complexity of this session, Lea Manor had forgotten to tell me they have now changed more of our Lea Manor sessions, I found out on Friday when I saw their new timetable. This is something I will be taking up with them at our quarterly meeting Tuesday morning.

Thursday Lea Manor session is now scheduled 8 – 9pm.

Friday remains the same.

Saturday land will now be 2:45-3:45 swim 3.45 – 4.45.

Sunday- MASTERS 12:45 – 2:15
I have emailed them as I have no idea what is going on. Masters who swim this session, please could you advice if this is convenient for you by return of email as I do not know whether this timing will work for us. I have searched through my emails to see if I had missed this notification, I had not received reference at all, so would appreciate your feedback as I have brought this up for Tuesdays meeting.

Tri- Friday
Due to the lack of numbers and consistent Tri/masters training at the 7-8pm Friday session, this will now be cancelled and moved to mainstream. The 3 swimmers who are allocated that slot, your option will now be Monday 8-9 Inspire, Tuesday 8:30 – 10:00pm Inspire, Tuesday 7:15 – 8.15 Lea Manor or Thursday 8 – 9 Lea Manor. Let me know which session you would prefer. Massive Thank you to Graeme who has been Coaching that extra session.

Sunday Inspire training.
We are in the process of asking for a Studio for the Dynamic warmup groups.

Comp Start.
Where we are going forward. We will no longer be using Lewsey Pool. Part of the reason we have been given the Dive pit end on a Monday is for the Development squads use of the blocks. We are in talks with Gary Smith/Active Luton to run a Comp start programme, I will have more information next week we have to work out how this will work as it is hoped that this will be an Active Luton Course.

Thank you for all your support and co-operation during all of this, all of the above will take priority for the next few weks or however long it takes to run smoothly.
Head Coach