Congratulations little Putts!

Congratulations to all the little Putts who competed in our first Round of Junior League. Such a great event to get the young swimmers competing and to learn whats involved with competing. I have to say Thank you to the Parent Coaches who insisted I did not need to go as everything was under control for the event, I have to say it was nice to be at home for once, although Thanks to Julia Matthews who filmed each race and sent to me- our own PSC live stream so I could actually watch the races. Looked like a great night and good fun!

This is a new division they have created, which means for any club wishing to join the league, they have to start in this Division, so we will come across large clubs along the way, which is all great experience for the swimmers, and parents get a greater understanding of why we do what we do in our swimmers development.

Feedback from Emma:
‘What a night, so proud of all the swimmers they did a fantastic job representing the club and some for the first time. Two DQs is not bad due to their inexperience. I know Lesley you have seen the races, so I wont comment on them, although in my limited knowledge starts, finishes and turns need working on.
Although it was a massive Team effort it, was unfortunate that we had a number of sick swimmers, but Elliot Perry was the star of the night, he stepped up and swam every race with grit and determination

Lesson learned – Make sure all kids understand the importance of eating correctly before and during the gala. Way to many sweets being consumed, some thought they needed a packet of skittles after every race and some thought 3 doughnuts and 1ltr of chocolate milkshake each was good!

Correct kit – Google’s and hat, we had missing hats, leaking goggles and  shared kit which made it interesting for the relays. I really enjoyed myself and it was an honour to be of help.’

From my perspective at this level, I am not interested in the time the race took, all I was interested in was seeing  the transfer of skills from training to races, this is the stuff we work on every session! I was really really pleased to see so many skills- streamline, underwater work and transition to stroke from a fair number of the youngest swimmers. One that has stood out for me from footage last night was the 9yr girls medley relay, not 100% sure who it was she swam the 3rd leg! As the Coaches poolside have said this is an area that still needs alot of work. We hope now that the swimmers can understand why we nag every session, streamline! turns! 🙂

Thank you to Debbie and Dean for the last 2 months organizing everything, James, Donna and Nick for officiating and Emma and Lewis with Dean Poolside. and to all parent supporters and older brothers and sisters who supported their siblings!

Great Team Spirit!! Well done everyone:)