Young Putts do PSC proud at Hemel Spring Development Meet

31 of our younger swimmers attended the Hemel Hempstead Spring Development meet over the weekend of 20th and 21st May. It turned out to be a fantastic weekend for all involved. The team received many compliments over the weekend for the way they supported everyone of our swimmers that entered the pool.

It was amazing to see the ‘Orange’ at the end of each lane cheering their team mates on.

It obviously worked as the team’s performance was outstanding. They achieved 50 speeding tickets, 4 spot prize heat wins, 13 gold, 9 silver and 10 Bronze medals and finished 5th in the visiting club trophy. There was also a 93% PB rate ! To put this into context the 4 biggest clubs attending the meet had over 90 swimmers in each of their teams, 3 times as many as us !

There were many successes over the weekend and I am proud to list them below:

Thanks go to Debbie Millar, Ian Dickson for managing the team over the weekend they did a great job. Thanks also to Maria Elliott and Emma Macdonald for coaching support, not least forgetting the officials Dean, Gavin and Kelly who spent hours poolside!

One final mention to the two senior swimmers, Luke Griggs and Holly Dickson who helped the younger swimmers over the weekend, many of the youngsters were swimming at a gala for the first time and they really helped support and guide them through the weekend.

Well done !!!