Arena League

Hi all,

Huge congratulations to everyone involved with our debut in Arena League. Its been a long time in the making, when I joined PSC I withdrew from all Team competitions in order to re-build a strong Team to enter this type of event. It took 3 years, but was worth it. To finish 5th in the London Division is an amazing feat.

Thank you so much to Debbie Millar for dealing with all the behind the scenes logistics over the last 3 months, this was a big task, very time consuming as well as daunting having to get so many details right with registration and Team Submissions ech time. Thank you also to John Nabarro, Nick Corran and Chris Haden for officiating each round. And to our poolside Team, Debbie, Carol, Gavin, Dean, Graeme and Rob for supporting swimmers.

Finally, you as Parents and Supporters Team, you have instilled in your children that it has been a privilege to be selected to represent PSC, which is what I have tried to create. A big thank you to all the ‘New’ parents who have posted such positive comments on social media that you are proud of your child being selected to be part of a Team even if it was just 1 relay leg. This is what we have tried to create and this is what makes it all worthwhile for us. Its because of you that our profile is raised even higher with the army of orange in the gallery and receiving many compliments from other clubs and parents of other clubs:

Broomfield Park SC @BPSC1903@PutteridgeSC we loved your orange theme! #feelinginspired #feathersandglitternexttime @Natswimleague

The U13’s have gained valuable experience, I’m sure you will agree with me, that there were huge improvements in their performance from Round 1 to Round 3 and they have learnt a lot about competing. We have seen some amazing swims over the course of all 3 Rounds and they worked as part of a Team. The Seniors, great job it was great to see you enjoying every Round and being able to balance work and coming back from Uni to take part. Thank you!

I hope you have enjoyed it, we have created a professional and highly respected club with a GREAT reputation!!! As the cliche that we have adopted says,’ the future is bright… the future is orange or so they say πŸ™‚