He’s the Man who Ran the World

Firstly, a huge thank you to Chris Haden – our outgoing Chairman for all his hard work and dedication.  Chris has served our Club well and we will forever be grateful for his stewardship of PSC.

Chris Long joins us as new Chairman after 6 months of being a PSC Committee Member.

Since 1986, Chris has raised and distributed over £31m to national and international charities. He is best known as the founder and Chairman of Sport Aid and Run the World. The Sport Aid event in 1986 took over a year to plan and 100 days to put together. Chris built 88 national country offices, a London HQ of 135 volunteer staff and over 18,000 volunteers worldwide.

It mobilised 19.8 million runners in 89 countries and caused governments residing at the first UN Special Session on Africa, to cancel $150m of Africa’s debts. Chris was founder, Chairman of the organising committee and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The project went into the history books as the biggest mass participation project in history and raised $37m for Band Aid and UNICEF. Chris was honoured for Distinguished Service in the Cause of UNICEF and later joined the organisation in New York as a special consultant. He developed a global special events programme for UNICEF.

Chris has since created, managed and organised fundraising events on both a global and local scale. These events have raised funds and advocacy issues for a number of national and international charities working for children.

He originally joined PSC as a masters swimmer and took part in the European Masters in London this year.

“I really look forward to my role as Chairman of Putteridge Swimming Club. It is a great club with wonderful members and an incredible coaching team, management team and committee. Everyone involved in the Club should feel very proud of what they have achieved.

I see a great future for the club“. Chris Long